Wednesday, February 24, 2010

6 Weeks until our Due Date!!

Baby Ordway soaking in the evening sun in Mexico...ooh lala!

The growing family in front of our rustic cabanas called Buena Onda (meaning good vibes!)

Excited Kelly holding a brand new baby sea turtle that locals were releasing into the ocean!

A happy baby instinctively crawling towards the water to begin its long journey :)

We took the mounds of advice given to us to take a trip together, so we enjoyed the delicious sun of Mexico in January-here were some highlights:
-soaking in the glorious sunshine-I was definitely born an Arizona sun goddess!
-drinking fresh squeezed orange juice and fresh coconut water almost every day
-digging a hole in the sand for my pregnant belly, so I could lie face down for a nap
-sinking our toes into the sand as soon as we stepped out our cabana door
-stretching every morning, bathed in the sounds of the waves and soft sunlight
-taking Spanish classes
-watching the baby move since I was usually in my bikini instead of loads of winter clothes
-food delights...papaya, pineapple, tree-ripened bananas, fresh, warm corn tortillas, guacamole.
I brought nori sheets and we made our own version of veggie sushi with avocado, jicama, red bell pepper, lime juice and hot sauce. I also took chlorella tablets daily to keep my iron levels up and my iron test was awesome at 13 (whatever that means) at my midwife appointment right after I returned.
-reading Anastasia in our hammock :)

And how amazing quickly the body continues to transform and the baby grows in one are a few photos from today :) Sending all great Love and Gratitude as we feel so blessed to be welcoming this angel into our lives and growing into a family! p.s. We are eating spinach, kale and a dash of parsley out of our geodesic dome! An amazing gift in February in Montana!


JamieU said...

Hi there! I was looking at your juice feasting log and seeing your intention for pregnancy, thought "I wonder if she's gone and done it yet," then flipped forward to this post and saw you're probably a Mom by now, yes?

I was born in Missoula and have family in Whitefish. Will probably go raw in the next year or so.

Thanks for sharing all this with the world and best wishes for your new family.

Raw in Montana! said...

Yes! We have a beautiful baby girl, just 1 month old-her name is Sage Saffron:) Best blessings on all of your journey!

Anthony said...

AMAZING!!!! Beautiful pictures!!!!!!

Raw in Montana! said...

Thanks Anthony! I am honored you took the time to check it out! I continue to love all you share on your blog and life! Blessings!