Sunday, July 26, 2009

7 Day Juice Feast

Treasures fresh picked from our garden

Hello lovely angels of the Universe! I am guiding a small group through a 7 day Juice Feast; the journey begins this Wednesday July 29th and welcomes back fresh, water-rich raw food on Wednesday August 5th. I am announcing this, in case you feel driven to join in some capacity. The group energy is very helpful! If you are not interested in all juice, perhaps dedicating the week to all raw foods, no processed starches or specifying something you would like to focus on releasing from your habitual patterns, whether it be tortilla chips or being judgmental of others. Please share what you are letting go of for the week (by leaving a comment), as we empower and inspire each other to our highest potential!!

"Live your succulent wild life! Choosing succulence is a delicate act of revolution. It means waking up! Embracing your true self, studying your patterns and letting out your most alive self. We all have one. " -Sark


Anonymous said...

Am very excited and hope to follow along, this is the perfect time for me! Jennifer

Raw in Montana! said...

Wonderful Jennifer! Please keep us posted on your journey! Thank you for sharing! XOXO